Jack and I went to the diner on fourth street after work today.

He offered to buy some lunch if I wanted to sit down and eat a sandwich and some fries. I joined my pal and friend for a bite to eat. We smoked a marijuana joint before we went inside the diner. The marijuana joint was a strain that I never had before. I think it was called wedding cookies. I was pretty high after only hitting the marijuana joint three or four times. We finished it all up, so I was really baked by the time we went into the diner. The menu looked all fuzzy and blurry, but I managed to order a steak sandwich and some fries. The steak sandwich was pretty good. It had provolone and mozzarella and the meat was flavorful, juicy, and tender. There really weren’t many pieces of gristle or fat on the meat. I like that when I eat a sub. The fries were really greasy and almost soaked in fryer oil. I only ate a couple of the soggy greasy fries. My stomach was in knots after we left the diner and I knew it had to be those greasy fries. I had to stop at the gas station on the way home. I couldn’t make it back to the house before I had to use the bathroom. I don’t know what we ate that didn’t sit well in my stomach, but I had to get it out. I felt a lot better after I got rid of the food.


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