I first started going to see the cannabis dispensary for recreational purposes.

I loved the selection of tasty edibles and pre-rolls and used them to relax on the weekends… My reasons for buying cannabis changed after a motorcycle accident numerous years ago.

A driver failed to yield right of way when making a left turn at a traffic light and smashed into our bike. I ended up with a punctured lung and an assortment of broken bones. Multiple surgeries left me with pins in our right knee, elbow and shoulder. After extensive physical therapy, I still found it taxing to get around separate from pain. I struggled to complete a workday, climb stairs, drive or even sleep at night. Most mornings, I slept resting up in a chair in our kitchen. I was unhappy with the side-effects of the prescription painkillers and easily fortunate that the local dispensary includes delivery service. Making the drive, walking from the parking area and laying in line would be awful for me. I care about that I can shop from beach condo whenever it’s convenient. The dispensary website is constantly available and easily easy to navigate. I can narrow our search by consumption method, category, price, weight, potency or effects. I can check out the daily deals, budtender recommendations and scroll through a substantial selection of smokable flower, singles and packs of pre-rolls, refillable and disposable vapes, tinctures and topicals. Their collection of concentrates offer high THC levels and includes shatters, budders, live sauce, rosin, budder, waxes and diamonds. The menu of edibles is severely impressive. I can choice from brownies, cookies, gummies, mints, hard candies, chocolates and beverages. There’s even ice cream, cooking oil and marinara sauces available.


Thankful for cannabis delivery service