There are many odd marijuana concentrate products in the dispensary.

All of the products are wrapped individually in plastic, paper, and glass packages. Some of those packages can be seen through as well as some marijuana packages are made with pieces of cardboard that have pictures as well as images. The marijuana concentrate that is inside of this package cannot usually be seen. If some clients want to view the interior concentrate, every one of us will remove the concentrate. After the product has been removed, we can no longer sell it on the shelf to anyone that is a customer. Products then go into a huge bin as well as at the very end of the month, every one of us has a huge sale. The products come from a box that is marked 20% off because these items don’t have original packaging. A client came directly to the marijuana dispensary as well as bought some of these items. The girl also purchased products from the half price clearance bin. These are the items that are already expired or they are past the shelf life. We offer great savings on many of these products. The sales on products like this are offered at final savings and cannot be returned to the store for any reason at all. We still had one client that was easily frustrated with the products that she easily selected from our clearance section. The supervisor was unable to take back all of the money, unfortunately. We were unable to offer a full refund to the person.


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