If you never hear from me again, assume it was the storm that got me! As I write this a hurricane is approaching the state.

By this time tomorrow I could be in the belly of a hurricane, and be stuck without power and wifi.

This kind of massive storm happens several times a year around here, so I am quite used to them. Although I am not scared of a hurricane, I am cautious, and like to prepare a cache of emergency supplies just in case. These supplies include everything from canned food and bottled water to canned beer and bags of cannabis. If I am going to ride out a horrible storm then I definitely need to have a full supply of whiskey and marijuana, right? Last year there was a hurricane that flooded the town and knocked out the power for a full week – if I didn’t have cannabis at the time I would have gone insane! Smoking marijuana not only settles my nerves and calms my mind, it makes me happy. Doctors prescribe all kinds of pills for anxiety and depression, but all they really need to do is start prescribing more medical cannabis! I have the phone number for my local cannabis dispensary saved in my phone, so I can contact them with the touch of one button. During a hurricane the cannabis dispensary will have to be closed, which is why it’s so important to stock up ahead of time. Even if I run out of canned food and bottled water, I can’t bear to run out of cannabis.
recreational weed dispensary