My girlfriend listens to a Sound dock every single day at work.

Sometimes there are many contests on the radio station for prizes a door tickets as well as concerts and shows.

Last weekend there was a contest on the radio for tickets to a monster truck rally downtown that was held at the fairgrounds. Everyone of us advised each other to contact the sound station if there was a chance at all. I would call from my task as well however every one of us did not assume if every one of us would miss an opportunity. I knew my girlfriend would be listening to that Sound dock all afternoon as well as things would be easier if she made the call. The drawing for the monster show tickets in the morning was missed. Everyone of us miss the time. Neither one of us were awake at 7:00 in the morning when they made the first drawing the next time they were going to draw a ticket was at brunch. My girlfriend called about 13 times as well as she was easily the 90th as well as the 92nd caller. Unfortunately, she needed to be the 91st caller. Every one of us were close as well as beginning to lose all of our faith. When the 5:00 time arrived, both of us were listening while we drove home from work. My girlfriend called from both telephones and got through as well as everyone of us turned out to be the ticket winners for the monster show. My girlfriend as well as myself took recreational marijuana supplies with us. We smoked marijuana inside of our truck in the parking lot before the monster truck show began.



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