For a long time I barely slept more than four hours at night.

I just figured it was our life.

When I moved in with our guy he was disgusted. He told me I need to prioritize sleep. It would help me be more efficient during the work day. I would get better workouts as well as be in a better mood. He was right, sleep is crucial as well as should be something I focus on. I bought myself a current mattress as well as pillow. I splurged on bamboo sheets as well as a sound machine. I started eating foods that promote sleep as well as working out harder to tire myself out. It was a slight improvement, but not great. I did some research on sleep aids as well as a lot of people rely on medical cannabis in order to sleep at night. I wasn’t sure how I felt about smoking cannabis before bed… But I was desperate. When I went to the doctor’s office I realized that cannabis oil as well as flowers weren’t our only options. I could take an edible. The edibles range from candies to sprays to oils that go into drinks. I choose a cannabis oil that I put a few drops in our nightly cup of tea. The oil soothes me quite a bit before bed. I know all loose as well as sluggish once I finish our cup of tea, however now I have way more advantage falling asleep as well as I stay asleep longer than I ever have. I have debated on upping our dose a little bit. I know I could sleep better if I was a bit more high.


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