When I wanted to become a main chain of dispensaries, I knew I needed to invest in some SEO services, and word of mouth advertising was unbelievable enough for 1 store, and i lived in a small town and it was easy to find the store.

I had a facebook page and that was unbelievable enough.

When supplier started booming and I looked at opening more than 2 more stores in opposite directions, I needed to make sure they did well. I instantly contacted a search engine optimization supplier for assistance; They got myself and others a professional website that you just click on which location you are searching for. Then you get directed to that identifiable area’s supplier website, then each location has their own page and information about the store there, but also there are pages for curbside pickup and cannabis delivery. Those were more than one services I could never offer before. I also have a vape lounge in 1 area and a dab bar in another. The SEO supplier has been good about connecting all the stores together however making sure their website is identifiable . I also have social media for each of the stores that someone else handles. With managing that several people and locations, I couldn’t do facebook for more than 2 peculiar businesses. It isn’t just facebook either. Twitter and google also have posts going up each month. I assume my modern stores are going to be a success since I invested in online SEO services. I have gotten the name and services out there, however people can find my store on google so entirely too.
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