The marijuana dispensary where I work has a lot of different products. The dispensary carries edibles, vape pen accessories, dried marijuana flower, and a full assortment of topicals and elixirs. Most of our sales come from dried marijuan flower sales. We sell eighths, half ounces, and full ounces. We also have some single gram packages of marijuana that we give out as free samples. Until recently, the marijuana dispensary did not carry any type of products for farming marijuana. We did not carry any seedlings either. After we had a lot of people ask about plants, the manager of the dispensary finally talked to the owner to see if we could start carrying seedlings and grow supplies. The cannabis industry is changing and growing every day. Cannabis is excellent for dealing with health problems such as insomnia, muscle spasms, ptsd, and anxiety. As time moves forward, scientists have learned more and more information about the different uses for medical marijuana. Dispensaries carry lots of different THC related products, but most places do not carry grow supplies or seedlings. It can be difficult to find small plants that are already a few inches tall and the beginning stages are the most critical for the plants. Next month we are going to start carrying 12-in and 24-in seedlings. The smaller plant will be less expensive than the larger plant. We will also offer a variety of fertilizer, plant food, and seeds. Moving in this direction means that our dispensary will be the top and premier place for seedlings, plants, and other marijuana farming material.

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