I don’t want to get high with my product.

When my state allowed for recreational cannabis my husband was all over me to try legal weed. The two of us have lived in a medical weed only state for years. Neither one of us wanted to get the card in order to get our hands on weed. I mean, neither of us have any serious medical conditions. Now that recreational cannabis is allowed, my husband wants to have fun with cannabis. He immediately started researching heavy THC blends. He wants to buy cannabis flowers and concentrate. He is talking about getting a bong and possibly a vape. For me, I don’t really like smoking. I don’t like the idea of taking something into my lungs. Topicals are creams that are meant for chronic pain. That is just boring. I don’t want to do a tincture, which is an oil that is placed under the tongue. The only option I really have is cannabis edibles. There are all sorts of edibles with CBD and THC in them. There are baked goods like the traditional pot brownie, cookie, cake and sweet bar. There are cannabis beverages, cooking oils and cannabutters. There are even CBD candies, gummies, mints, chocolates and tablets. I have done a little hunting around and I think I want to stick to CBD edibles. I don’t want to get high with my product. I wouldn’t mind feeling a bit mellow and calmer though. I am just not as fun as my husband. I don’t want to party with cannabis. I would however be interested in a product that helps me sleep a bit better at night.