I never really smoked much pot at all until cannabis was legalized and passed into the law.

Perhaps when I was in University I smoked like Bill Clinton but I mostly just puffed and did not inhale at all. After the marijuana laws were changed, I was entirely and easily interested in checking out all of the things that I had missed. I expected new products to be found inside of the shop. I was easily completely blown away by the different types of products that were available. I honestly didn’t guess we’re to start so I asked one of the budtenders to request a best cannabis product. We were in an hour long conversation and the bartender gave me a 15 minute crash course on cannabis products. Now I go back once a month or more just so I can talk to you the same exact bartender. I think it’s important to be able to know exactly what time of product I am smoking so that I can get a good high. Marijuana is entirely complex with many different nuances. The dispensary is an entirely chill venue plus everyone seems very ear to help further education. First I had to learn most of the basics love what THC can do plus the differences there are between cannabis sativa strains. After I was finished with the educational classes, I got to learn more about the Botanical lineage of each one of the plants and flowers. All of these classic strains contain marijuana like purple haze, blue dream, and OG kush.

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