Before legalization was a law, I did not smoke a lot of pot.

Perhaps in university, the both of us smoked a little bit of marijuana but what we tried not to inhale at all.

The laws were changed and then every one of us were genuinely interested in seeing all of the things that we missed. Every one of us expected to find different products inside of the shop but we did not expect to see hundreds of different marijuana products. Every one of us didn’t suppose where to start. Every one of us commanded what the best kind of cannabis products would be as well as asked a blood tender. This led the two of us to have a 30-minute conversation and this was a crash course in cannabis product basic information. Now every one of us regularly go see the same budtender so we can enhance our education. Weed is entirely complex with lots of new ones. The dispensary is entirely a very chill place and most people seem to be eager to learn more about marijuana education. I regularly buy the smallest amount of cannabis and I try to pick out something that someone else has recommended so I can try all of the different cannabis products in the shop. This week the people I was with and myself have learned about class extremes like Acapulco gold, purple haze, blue dream, and Maui wowie. Everyone of us have learned the botanical lineage of these amazing Classics and some of the strains that have come from them.



Sativa strains