I honestly knew that my dad was going to prefer cannabis and I believe that she would think it was good relief for the chronic pain in her back and also her knees.

My dad did not want to try cannabis products really at all in one weekend when we were at the lake, she was hurting so badly that she decided to try it.

She was easily supposed to walk with my kids and that made her feel frustrated because the pain really was that she was taking did not really work at all. I told our dad about some 5 mg medical Edibles that I had and promised they would help with relief if she would try. She did not believe that was going to help at all, but she didn’t think it would hurt either so she finally ended up saying okay. I provided my mother with one single marijuana edible that had more than 4 mg. At an hour, I provided my mother with another one of the 4 mg marijuana edibles. After a total of 90 minutes, my mother jumped up from the chair as well as said she felt great. She looked prefer she would fall asleep but she abruptly burst out saying that she was feeling amazing. She was ready to take the kids on a trip. They were downstairs playing some video games but my mom made all the kids get dressed so they can put on sweaters, jackets and gloves and walk around outside in the woods.



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