Even if the health benefits weren’t so proven, I’d still be using cannabis products. But I’m lucky because I don’t have to make that kind of choice. For me, cannabis products provide a better benefit to my physical well being than just about anything I have ever found. I’m now into my seventies and in pretty good shape if I do say so myself. I take care of myself fairly well and didn’t let my appetites ruin my health. That left me able to stay fit and active when many of my peers were just giving up on life. Spending my days inside the house in a recliner is not my idea of living. Still, I also had to deal with some limitations that come with aging. My body in most cases is like everybody else’s and it’s simply wears down. Some of those pains were really starting to set me back and affect my lifestyle. One of my doctors suggested trying indica products to help me manage those aches and pains. And marijuana for sale at the local cannabis spot was the first cannabis products I ever bought legally. I had smoked some weed long ago so it wasn’t all new to me. However the people at the cannabis dispensary were really kind and helpful as well. I discovered that the cannabis products were remarkable for helping me manage pain and extend my range of motion. But I think it’s also the fact that it just helps me maintain a positive perspective when it comes to aging. For me that’s the main benefit of cannabis products.

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