I have experienced trouble with sleep for a few years now.

I have tried everything I can to wind my body down.

I work out all the time and meditate before bed. I have eliminated blue light, alcohol and coffee. I also eat kiwi, use a lavender spray and I bought a gel pillow. A sound machine, new mattress and sheets didn’t work either. I have started looking at dosing myself with something. The problem is that I just can’t get sleepy enough to fall asleep. I am wide awake for hours before I tire out. I went to the doctor and he wanted to give me sleeping pills. I read the side effects and wasn’t happy about it. I also don’t like the idea of dosing with a pill when I need to sleep. Having a pill every night could really be bad for my body. I wanted a more natural solution. A buddy of mine told me that I should rely on cannabis. I originally was picturing myself smoking a joint or taking hits off a bong. Honestly I was desperate for relief. I kind of thought I wouldn’t mind being high as a kite as long as I knew sleep was coming. My friend informed me that I didn’t even need to have THC in my system. What he does is take CBD candies. The CBD gummies only have small traces of THC, he doesn’t even feel high. It helps him feel drowsy and then fall asleep. He takes only a few before bed and it does the trick. I am now going to be looking for CBD candies near me.


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