For our anxiety I used to smoke a cannabis flower product, however i would either make a joint or pack a bowl.

I liked that it took me time and was a process. It relaxed me making the device I was going to smoke; Then I would take our time smoking our marijuana strain. I consistently smoked in the condo since I liked the smell and it was just me; Well now I am a single mom. I don’t want to smoke around our child. I also don’t want to go in and outdoors all the time due to our marijuana use… Finally, I easily don’t have the time to pack a bowl or make a joint anymore… My child requires a lot of hands-on work. I can’t just stop our medical weed use though. My anxiety is still a real thing, however so I went to the cannabis dispensary near me for some advice. The budtender highly recommended that I change to a cannabis oil that I vape. The vape burns a flame sizzling enough that all the harmful carcinogens are removed. My baby wouldn’t be breathing in anything bad. There also would be no leftover odor from the oil and it wouldn’t linger on our clothing, then vaping is quite simple too. You load the vape cartridge, press a button and you are on your way. What is wonderful is that I got our vape on a lanyard, however now I can wear it around our neck and take a hit when I need it. It comes in handy a lot since I don’t typically have a pocket or a free hand at the ready for it.



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