Cannabis delivery has easily saved our life.

I am a medical cannabis patient.

I need weed in order to treat our seizures. The problem is that I can’t drive due to them. I was reliant on our parents or boyfriend driving me to the cannabis dispensary to pick up our prescription. It was typically frustrating bringing it up. I hate feeling helpless and dependent on people. It never was a convenient time for anyone either. The medical weed dispensary isn’t near anything either. That meant they were making a special trip just for me. More often than not I wasn’t bringing it up. I then would be off our medical weed and suffer. Now that the cannabis dispensary near me offers delivery services, I am enjoyable to go. I no longer need to beg for a ride and arrange a day. I can just go online and venue our order. The marijuana dispensary now has our cannabis card, license, credit card and address all on file. I have it preloaded with the same order, but every month I just hit buy now and then both of us can expect our order soon. It usually takes them a single day to get it to me. I love that I can have it sent right to our front step. I am never off our cannabis anymore. I also suppose less upset and tied up which has helped me mentally. I suppose our boyfriend and parents are ecstatic they don’t need to do another thing for me. I am ready to ask so several of them. I am ecstatic there is a single less thing.
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