For a while I had been going to the local cannabis dispensary for my CBD products.

I wasn’t really happy with what they offered.

The selection of broad spectrum CBD was seriously lacking. If you wanted a pure CBD isolate, there was like one option. Even the selection of full spectrum CBD wasn’t much better. I could choose from a few oils, concentrates and tinctures. There weren’t any CBD infused edibles like gummies, chocolates or mints. There always had to be heavy amounts of THC in it. I did some rewarshc online and I wanted a CBD and hemp blend. I wanted something that would calm the mind and body, but also be good for me. Hemp contains a lot of vitamins and is good for heart health. Also, if you do a typical, hemp can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. My cannabis dispensary had nothing like that. I then asked around and found that there are CBD shops around 30 minutes away from the city. The CBD shops have a broader selection of products. They also offer hemp blends and pure hemp products. It was like finding access to narnia. I was able to get edibles and cannabis beverages. I found CBD cooking oil and a cannabutter. I like that I don’t have to automatically consume THC in my product. The traces of THC are so small that I hardly notice it. It is worth driving a bit further to have CBD products on hand. I don’t think I will go back to dispensary shopping anymore. There is nothing for me there.

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