I just have the money directly deposited into our budtenders accounts.

You never want to mess with how people get paid, then that is a single way to lose expensive workers, and pay them well, on time as well as efficiently. That is how you keep people, i was aware that payroll wasn’t too smart. I did it all by hand as well as on paper, then when it is love this, people assume pay is up for debate, frequently I would be hashing out numbers with our budteners telling them why they made what they did. Since our timekeeping method wasn’t exactly foolproof, there was some wiggle room on numbers. I was aware I could lose tons of money without being automated. I also was exasperatedting our workers because they weren’t sure how much they were getting every week. It made sense to look into some cannabis dispensary softwares. I found a company that set me up with payroll keeping services as well as a time as well as attendance software for dispensaries, but now our workers punch in on a computer as well as the time is marked. When they punch out it shows them how several fourths they have worked as well as what they made that day. The payroll is all calculated via a computer. I no longer need to do quick math as well as bring a pencil. It does it all for me. I just have the money directly deposited into our budtenders accounts. It is quick, simple as well as no way could you debate the amounts anymore. It was a honestly wonderful method to get this automated. I can tell our budtenders all love it better too.



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