When I was a young one, my mom told me that I was going to break my leg doing something very foolish. I was basically always trying to do different tricks on my bike plus my skateboard. I had bruises, cuts, plus scrapes on my arms plus my legs. I spent the course of the day outside riding my bike plus my skateboard plus I did not come back to my dwelling until the end of the day when the street lights were on! Even as an adult, I still prefer the same activities that I did when I was considerably younger. I go to the skatepark every weekend with my child plus we both prefer skateboarding plus doing BMX tricks. I was doing something really crazy a month ago when we went to the skate park plus I ended up ruining my leg. I took my bike from the top of the ramp plus attempted to do a backflip. I honestly misjudged the amount of room that I had for the flip plus over rotated. I landed with the bike on top of my leg plus I was in need of surgery to service all of the complications. Two of the bones in my leg had to be updated with a metal rod! While in the hospital, I had a private room… My room had a shower, toilet, bed, large screen tv, plus access to the temperature controls entirely on the bed. The bed had a control component for the heating plus A/C appliance plus I could adjust the temperature up plus down by the touch of a button. It was really convenient to have the temperature control totally at my fingertips.


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