The holidays seem to be just around the corner and it seems like every place I looked there are clothing sales, toy sales, and gadgets and also gizmos.

During black Sunday shopping, I had an absolute mess as well as a disaster.

There wasn’t really much parking at the mall and also I was in an accident while going to the SuperStore. I went beach home early instead of getting everything that was on the list while I was actually out. I’ve looked at many of the sales flyers since thursday. One place with good deals with myself and others want something cheap is to go to the place that has great deals on all of the marijuana concentrates. The marijuana dispensary near myself and others has cheap prices on all of the marijuana flower and concentrates. The dispensary even offers great deals and savings and they give out free stuff during many of the holidays. Last week I visited the shop and they informed me that they were giving away free holiday stuff filled with swag. The next day when I went back to the dispensary, I found a $1 product that was not with a demo. The $1 product wasn’t a buy one and get one for a dollar special and you could use the free Dollar on any one of the items that you wanted, did not have to be an actual demo product. The $1 product was extremely potent. I was buying all of the products and I chose more than one sativa. The products would be about $40 or more for each but I only paid $20.

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