I fell in love with an exciting group of people and fellow students while attending University classes.

I was learning about history plus English plus there were boys that were a lot of engineering students.

All of us were getting along famously because all of us had a passion for smoking marijuana. On the weekends everyone of us would get together and share a couple of hours while we smoked and got high plus watched YouTube videos. As students of engineering, these guys were fascinated with making a bong that would be next level. They were all pretty smart and focused. They wanted to create the best possible cannabis smoking experience. They were obsessed with cannabis but they also were obsessed with doing things in the exact same way that they would every year. This is one reason why I regularly hung out with all of them. They always like to take things to the upper echelon. Gary is the member of the group that wanted to begin to grow cannabis. A lot of people helped all of us design plus build the Cannabis production area. There was even a hydration method and a Bank of lights that were able to mimic the natural sun. Most of the time Gary spent a couple of days in that I like making sure everything was okay. A few weeks after that we were presented with some of the best stinking cannabis that any of us have ever smoked. This thing was deceiving but the big cannabis buds were full of seeds and lacking in thc.


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