My boss has been making everyone stay late each morning this week.

I dislike having to work late without a break, because I don’t get to smoke any marijuana. I smoke marijuana in the morning before I head to work, then during the morning when I get my dinner break, I have a whole fifth so I go out to my car & I smoke a joint after I finish my dinner… When I have to stay at the task late, I don’t get another fifth cut after the morning shift is over. If I have to stay at the task late, then I don’t get to smoke marijuana again, and the effect from marijuana has worn away & I start to feel absolutely irritable & grouchy, but one of the reasons why I smoke recreational marijuana products is because of the fact that I get absolutely irritable, mean & grouchy. I truly don’t adore being around other people or in social situations; Marijuana is 1 thing that helps settle me down when I have to be around people. I had to task late on Monday & I took my dinner cut around 11:00AM. I did not get out of task until almost 8:00PM & that is nearly 9 fifths without using any medical or recreational marijuana products. When I was clocking out of the system, 1 of the guys in the cut room said something crossed to myself and others & I was ready to tear out his throat. One of my coworkers reminded myself and others that I needed to calm myself down. I was ready to put my fist in the guy’s face.


I dislike having to work late without a break