He found a couple of places where the ductwork system needed to be sealed & taped

During the last few weeks, I have observed way more dust on the surfaces inside of my residence. Even when I use a dusting spray & a microfiber cloth, I still have dust on all of the surfaces in my lake residence the next day. I changed the air filter in the HVAC machine, but I still observed a lot of dust & dirt on the electronics & furniture. I had an appointment stressed to have a full HVAC machine service tune up last week, but I had to postpone the appointment until today. The appointment was originally arranged for last Thursday in the day. Thursday is my day off work & the one day when I can run errands & schedule appointments, but my daughter was super sick that day & she stayed at the lake house from college. I had to take her to the doctor for an emergency appointment. I had to postpone the service appointment with the HVAC machine provider. Today I had an appointment with the heating & a/c machine service contractor & everything went particularly well. The HVAC machine components seem to be in fine shape, but the service worker did notice a fair amount of dirt & dust inside of our air duct. He found a couple of places where the ductwork system needed to be sealed & taped. He advocated having the air duct cleaned & sanitized. I called the place that handles the air duct cleaning & they provided me with a quote for the service. It’s a bit more pricey than I want to pay right now, but if the complication continues, I know I will call.



OG kush