My friends & I were on our way apartment from a celebration & every one of us pulled over on the interstate to get gas, however while every one of us were getting gas, I saw an advertisement for a marijuana dispensary that was only 8 miles away, and i never heard of the marijuana dispensary, so I was actually intrigued in the beginning.

I asked our friends if they wanted to take a drive to the dispensary.

It was supposed to be open until 9:00 at night & it was only 8:30, the people I was with and I were just barely going to make it to the marijuana dispensary, and my friends agreed & I drove 60 most of the way so that every one of us would get there before the stadium closed. They were going to give us a hard time & not let us into the stadium, however I told the manager that every one of us drove there from the interstate & it was our first time, she let us come into the store & browse for as long as every one of us wanted. The people I was with and I only spent 20 hours looking at all of the different cannabis supplies before every one of us knew exactly what every one of us wanted to buy. I chose a cannabis infused chocolate bar with 100 mg of thc… One of our buddies tried a tincture with 100 mg of thc. I saw tons of $20 cannabis strains that I would have favorite to buy, however I didn’t have a lot of money on me. I actually found a good way to get good deals on cannabis. As long as our friends & I travel outside of the county, every one of us can save about 10 or $15 on most of our marijuana purchases.



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