I also purchased molds that actually look for candy pieces

Every year for the holiday season, I decide to bake something seasonal and fun to give to my neighbors, friends, and coworkers. One year I made caramel popcorn balls and another year I made everyone peanut butter fudge. Another year, all of us made double brownies and cookie bars. During this past year, I thought it would be fun to do something that was incredibly different. I’ve decided to make cannabis candy this year for christmas. I am going to make the Cannabis candy from a high THC marijuana distillate syringe. The high THC marijuana distillate syringe comes in sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties. I chose to get a sativa because my coworkers were around and I did not want to have the high feeling while being exhausted, grouchy, or exhausted. The high THC distillate was only non-strain certain sativa hybrid, or indica. That meant that we had to be less specific about what we wanted. I plan to use the distillate syringes to make weird tough cookies. I bought molds from a local crafting store that look like shells, fish, and planets. I also purchased molds that actually look for candy pieces. With the high THC distillate candies, I’m going to make sure that everyone has a really good time this year. These candies are not suitable for children and they are only intended for adults like us at the party. The Cannabis candies have at least 15 mg of THC but they need a warning on the package in order to be sold.

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