My oldest child is named Savannah plus recently I caught her actually smoking cannabis in the kitchen.

She opened up all the windows plus turned on the ceiling fan plus lit a few scented candles on the table.

It didn’t work much at all and Savannah was young plus naive to believe that the stink of marijuana could be honestly so covered up. Even sitting in the downstairs with the air conditioner running on full blast, I easily noticed the smell of weed smoke as soon as she lit something up. Cannabis marijuana plants have a strong and distinct flavor that is entirely simple to recognize. I don’t smoke pot in public for this very reason. Cannabis has a strong plus distinct odor. I knew my wifey would flip out if anyone saw us smoking marijuana. Until my wife, I suppose that cannabis was an illegal drug, but now it is totally legal where we live. It is superbly helpful for mental health issues. I frequently used to get mad but I don’t get mad anymore, even when Savannah came home in the middle of the night and let herself into the window while she was packing another bowl of cannabis. She was absolutely silent as well as did not realize that we were going to be waiting up to see whether or not she came through the front door. It was already very late and missing curfew for five, 10, 15, or 20 minutes requires a really good reason. I made a deal with my daughter that both of us would be on the lookout for a container to put all of the money in and I hope that will work.

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