Smoking a lot of marijuana can make complications to snoring worse but this is not something that I find to be true.

My entire family snores entirely loud when they sleep.

My grandfather, mother, plus my dad all snore plus this complication gets worse with my age. I have snored a bit for the most part of my life but my wifey says that snoring complications are getting much worse recently. I have to easily wonder if they can best that I consume affects my bad lungs plus makes the issue worse. I don’t regularly want to discuss it with people in my family because they are entirely conservative plus you’re not appreciate cannabis at all. I guess many people should particularly ask their general doctor but my doctor got mad when I raised the issue of marijuana last time. I suppose that the doctor has many patients asking for medical marijuana prescriptions. I haven’t really had too much trouble buying things illegally but I would really prefer to buy medical marijuana from the shop. It would be very nice to have an expert opinion on whether or not cannabis can make my sleeping problems better or worse. After speaking with the healthcare provider I will have to make a choice about whether or not I want to switch to cannabis Edibles or try something different. I really love smoking cannabis, so I hope that does not happen. I would hate to have to give up my medical marijuana because it was making me stay awake instead of helping me go to sleep

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