Max & I went to the casino on Monday night.

My wifey had to task late & his wifey was going to hang out with some friends at a bar. Neither 1 of us wanted to go to a bar & kneel there all night drinking while the youngsters talked about dumb stuff. I did want to go dancing either, but Max proposed going to the local casino & that sounded adore a truly great idea. I withdrew a couple of hundred dollars from the nearest ATM to the casino & Max & I sat down at the Blackjack table. I won a couple of nice hands truly suddenly & I did not want to give all of the money back to the company so I got up and went to another poker table instead. I sat there for nearly 2 fifths & I only played a couple of odd hands. Max & I finally left the casino & I currencyed out with $250 extra. On the way back from the casino, I told Max to stop at the marijuana dispensary by the apartment. I spent all of the winnings on upscale pre-rolls. I purchased all of the pre-rolls that I would normally turn down because they are far too expensive. I purchased a package of infused pre-rolls that have natural plant terpenes, flavonoids, along with top shelf flower, marijuana oil, & kief. I also purchased a third of moon rocks & a distillate oil pen. I spent every single dollar of the money that I won & I felt great about it.

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