Smoking marijuana might be making my snoring problem a lot worse. My family has a long history of people that entirely snore loudly when they are asleep. My grandfather, mother, and my uncle as well as all of my cousins snore. It’s one problem that seems to worsen with age. I have regularly snored a huge amount but my partner tells myself as well as others that the problem is getting worse recently. This makes me wonder if cannabis is affecting my lungs and making the issue even worse. Every one of us don’t wish to talk to the people in our family about this problem because they are all entirely conservative as well as believe the problem is going to be cannabis. Every one of us suppose that every one of us should entirely ask a dentist because they can’t answer educational questions about the issues of marijuana. Many different patients have medical marijuana prescriptions and they have to have information steadily on hand. It would easily be very nice to have a prescription for cannabis too. I never have too much trouble buying cannabis legally, but the prices are crazy. Online prices mean it is still cheaper to buy illegal marijuana products. Medical marijuana should regularly be cheaper. I would love to get an expert to give me an opinion on whether or not marijuana smoking is affecting my sleeping or not. Then I might make a choice about switching to cannabis edibles. I regularly do not hope that it will come to this, because everyone of us care about smoking cannabis.