I like when a business makes it easy for you to take advantage of their services. There are a lot of websites that are very difficult to navigate, but I didn’t have any trouble ordering marijuana supplies online from a dispensary near me. The dispensary near me was having a sale on all of their concentrates and bubble hash. All of the grams of concentrates and bubble hash that were $25, were going to be on sale for 18. The savings was enormous and I wanted to order from the shop to take advantage of the sale. This particular dispensary only has online ordering and delivery services. They do not have an actual shop or business where you can go to pick up your items or shop in person. All of the ordering is done online and sometimes that makes it difficult to order the products that I want and need. When I use the online order form last time she set up my delivery, I was surprised because the process was very painless and easy. I had to take a picture of the front and back of my driver’s license with the camera on my phone. I had to take a picture twice on the front, because my hand was shaking. I had to enter in all of my address information and my phone number. I placed several different eighths of marijuana in the shopping cart and I also got a couple of grams of concentrate. I received my order about an hour and a half later. I used my debit card to pay and I didn’t even need cash.

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