When it comes to using cannabis, my taste has easily evolved throughout many of the years. Every one of us remember when we were teenagers because we would smoke almost anything that looked exactly love weed. My place plus myself had no refined taste. If we had a bag of weed that someone could sell, all of us were going to purchase it. After going to college, all of my horizons were expanded in several weird ways. Cannabis quality was Far Beyond things that I tasted in the past and now I had access to recreational and medical marijuana. Every one of us experimented with several weird ways of getting high. Someone showed myself and others that we could use hot butter knives and a hot plate in order to freebase cannabis instead of smoking it. The results were completely amazing. I was blasted directly to the stratosphere with an entirely small amount of cannabis. It’s hard for myself and others to actually explain how this works, but it involves using hot knives and putting a small amount of marijuana between the hot knives so that it turns it into a vapor instead of actually burns it. The Cannabis ball has to be very small, but it only takes a little bit of time to pinch the Cannabis and then the smoke comes out in between the hot knives. It’s really something that is cool to see and it’s hard to believe that you can’t smoke weed using two hot knives but it does work.


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