Sometimes I think that I might smoke too much pot but it could just be the fact that I’m getting much too old to live such a fast lifestyle.

I am just now getting close to turning 50 years old and I still have celebrations plus fun and love. It easily turns out that my spirit plus mind is entirely young but my body is not. I’ve had a few belts of whiskey plus a few bowls of marijuana plus this turns me into a total train wreck. I used to be able to do this every single day but now I have problems. I know that cannabis is not addictive but I just love to love life where they head that is filled with reefer smoke. Alcohol is easily addictive as well but there is no one inside of the stores to warn you about the warnings of drinking a six pack of beer. Many people might suppose that I am addicted regularly to cannabis but both of us guess that is not possible cannabis can be addictive I just love to love life with a head that has lots of marijuana smoke. I spoke to a bartender one time to get a choice of Blue Dream and the young woman said that I should explore other smokeless cannabis options like vape pens and edibles. Too much marijuana can wear down the body and then both of us would have two samples with other types of things.

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