I work for an SEO business making websites.

I know what they want and what services they offer. I have created tons of content pages for flowers, oil and edibles. I know about recreational vs medical weed. I know why someone would get a cannabis card. To make a long story short, I am on autopilot when I make these websites. We recently got a customer that is a cannabis service, but not a dispensary. What they do is offer software for cannabis dispensaries. They do secure data centers for dispensaries, payroll service for dispensaries, human capital management for dispensaries and HR for dispensaries to name a few. It was very scary getting involved with this client. I didn’t know anything about payroll and HR services. I had to research what kind of things to write on an attendance and timekeeping software page for dispensaries. I wanted to include information that customers look for. I have never considered this side of the marijuana business. It makes sense, they are a business after all. Businesses need things like payroll, 401K services, retirement planning and human resources. That this company can do it all is very good. I have now finished their website. I understand the content a bit more. I think I did a really good job on it overall as well. It wasn’t easy writing about software and making a website for it. But, I feel I did okay in the end.

cannabis time and attendance software