My friends love getting high plus doing lots of things but not for me and I have then been called a homebody plus this is a moniker I cannot dispute.

I spend a great deal of my day in the home office or driving around doing errands. When there is time for me to chill out, there is no venue where I would rather be than just at my home. I love smoking all of the Cannabis like my friends do and I would just rather stay at my house in order to do it. I don’t particularly love clubs plus taverns even if I am sober. If I get stoned on marijuana then they are tolerable. When I do go for an evening on this town I go directly to a cannabis shop to see what events are happening in the lounge. Then this is my real kind of venue. It adjoins the local cannabis dispensary plus offers a menu of popcorn plus drinks. Basically it is the type of venue where you can kneel down plus relax when enjoying lots of different cannabis products. The place is indoors which means there are strict rules for smoking cannabis. You have to go to the screened in patio in order to smoke cannabis. I regularly take a moment or two before I go to the dispensary. Some afternoons the dispensary has stand up comedy or even live music. It’s a lot more fun to stay at home then it is to go to the club with so many of my other friends.

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