My friend Travis is up north plus I am on the west coast, he deals with dire snow plus chilly plus I get the heat.

He skis, sleds plus skates.

I like surfing, biking plus swimming, we make it a point to see each other in person a few times a year. I see Travis in the summertime when his area is a bit warmer. I also go north for the fall since it is lovely with the leaves increasing… Travis comes during Winter plus Springtime. My area still has nice weather. We can do a beach day or just hang out in my tepid tub. It works for us. There are certain things about each of our areas too. Travis lives right on a grape farm, and so during the fall I stuff myself full of grapes until I am sick. My area is a recreational cannabis state. Since Travis can only access weed with a medical cannabis card in his area, he is eager to stop in a dispensary when he visits. I rotate between the cannabis dispensaries. There Is 1 with an on site bakery that I certainally like. I can get him cookies, carmel bars, chocolates or even difficult candies with THC. There is another dispensary that has a smoker’s lounge. I like trying unusual flower strains plus smoking right there. The last time my best friend visited I had him experience the dab bar. It is a more hardcore cannabis user experience. He genuinely liked it though. It is great that each of our areas offer something fun plus certain .



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