My daughter didn’t suppose in marijuana. She was one of these people who thought marijuana was a gateway to greater drugs. You do not suppose how much I would appreciate to bring up the amount of marijuana she and her friends once consumed. I brought it up once, and she said she never used marijuana. I looked at him, although she didn’t budge. She told myself and others I must have been thinking about her older sibling, but I caught him and her sibling smoking marijuana together. When I got older, the doctor advocated I try medical marijuana. I had glaucoma and could no longer drive. I asked him if she could drive myself and others to the marijuana dispensary to get our marijuana. She gave myself and others an unequivocal no. I hung up on him and called her older sibling. I knew she lived a lot further from me, than Dave, although she often went out of her way when I told him Dave said no. She asked where I wanted to go and told him it was the medical marijuana dispensary. She was busy, although she sent our granddaughter over to opening myself and others up. She couldn’t go inside the marijuana dispensary with me, so she sat in the car after walking myself and others to the door. Once I got our marijuana products, she came to the door to help myself and others back to the car. She asked what Uncle Dave’s problem was? I told her it’s just who she is, and she laughed. She told myself and others that her loss was her gain, and took myself and others to lunch and shopping.
Medical Marijuana Cards