Around 90 minutes, my Mom jumped up out of her chair and said she felt great

I knew that my mom would like cannabis and I knew that she would feel great relief for the chronic pain in her knees and back. My mom never wanted to try cannabis at all. One weekend we were at the lake and she was hurting badly. She was supposed to take a walk with the kids and she was feeling upset because none of the pain relievers that she had taken worked at all. I told my mom that I had some 5 mg marijuana edibles and I promised her that she would feel some relief if she would just try them. She didn’t think that it was going to hurt and she finally decided to say yes. I ended up giving my mom 10 mg, because she didn’t feel anything at all after 30 minutes. I told her that sometimes it takes 45 minutes or an hour, but she was already giving into temptation and she was ready to get high. At the 30 minute interval, I gave my mother another five mg marijuana edible. Around 90 minutes, my Mom jumped up out of her chair and said she felt great. She looked like she was about to fall asleep and suddenly she burst out of her chair and said she was ready to go for a walk. The kids were downstairs playing video games, but my mom made them get dressed and put on their jackets so they could take a walk outside in the woods. They gathered up pine cones and leaves so they could do a project later that night.
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