Last month, I called Grandma to tell her they were considering legalizing recreational marijuana! All I heard hear say was that it was about time.

She had been purchasing medical marijuana for the past four years; Every year she needs to call the dentist and pay him to approve her for the medical marijuana card.

She then pays the state to get the medical marijuana ID card sent to her. She told me it would be much cheaper if she could purchase recreational marijuana than the medical marijuana. Although recreational marijuana gets charged with higher taxes, you don’t need to pay out various to four hundred dollars to get it. She said she doesn’t pay that much in more than five months for her medical marijuana. She said she could get recreational marijuana and use it for her ailments just the same as she could get the medical marijuana. I wasn’t sure I should talk to Grandma about how much more she would pay in taxes, because I was sure she would tell me I was wrong. She told me she would keep buying the medical marijuana until recreational marijuana was legal, so I didn’t need to worry about her not using it. She was hoping it wouldn’t take long for the recreational marijuana to go through… Her medical marijuana card was going to expire in various months. I walked out shaking our head. I knew I should go apartment and tell our mom, but she would shake her head just savor Grandma does. It’s their way of telling me I worry too much, without saying the words.


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