I have had a list of things I need to accomplish for months now. I have decided that before the turn of the new year, I need to get them done. Item number 1 is that I need to get a prescription for new glasses, next I need to get my teeth cleaned. Finally, I need to get access to weed. I want to sleep better at night. I know cannabis will do the trick, however sadly my state only allows for medical cannabis. I will need to find a doctor, make an appointment, fill out paperwork, pay a fee and then get my cannabis card in the mail. It will be awful, expensive and time consuming. My health is important though. I need to see, have wonderful teeth and to sleep well at night. I know exactly the style of cannabis I want. I want to stick to a strictly CBD blend. I am hoping for a full spectrum CBD oil. I want to put a few drops in my cup of Pepsi at night. It needs to be genuinely strong so that I can be soothed to sleep and stay asleep, and what smells is that WEED isn’t the area of the marijuana plant that gets you high. In my opinion CBD shouldn’t count as a drug. I should be able to just buy CBD products whenever I want. Since it comes from a cannabis plant though, it counts as a drug. That means I need to jump through all of those hoops. I tried seeing if I could get it online, however the closest I found was a hemp seed oil that isn’t the same at all.

Blue dream