I live in a small town, then the town has a mix of people who have mixed views; All of us have some young people who are more open minded plus some older people who are more conservative, but i recently found out that a cannabis dispensary near me is having their grand opening this weekend.

I found out through a flier in our mailbox from the cannabis dispensary near me, and when I was checking our mail in our driveway, our next door neighbor Charlie started talking to me about the cannabis dispensary. Charlie is an older gentleman who is entirely conservative; He is a nice man, but he is entirely stuck in his ways. Charlie has a hard time understanding young people plus he often calls our generation overly sensitive. When Charlie saw the advertisement for the cannabis dispensary, he instantly started to complain about it. I personally do not use cannabis products, but it does not bother me that a cannabis dispensary is opening. I know that if someone chooses to purchase cannabis legally from a store, then that is their right plus it is none of our business. Charlie has opposite views on the cannabis store. Charlie was complaining to me about the cannabis store opening near us plus I just listened because I did not know care about getting into an argument today. Charlie said that he feels that a cannabis store will attract the wrong crowd. Charlie said that people who smoke weed are lazy, plus dumb. Charlie complained that our small, quiet town will turn into a bunch of weed smoking drug addicts because of the cannabis store opening.



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