My husband couldn’t handle watching me in pain.

My rheumatoid arthritis went from my hands and toes, to systemic, over the course of a year.

When my husband saw what was happening, I was sure he was going to turn away from me. It was all I could do to walk with a cane or walker. I walked like I was 100 years old, even though I was in my early thirties. I needed help to eat, because I couldn’t hold the eating utensils. One afternoon, he told me he was going to town. He came back with different gummy CBD packs he got at a head shop. He said that if they helped me; we were going to apply for a medical marijuana card. Medical marijuana was supposed to help with the pain and debilitating parts of rheumatoid arthritis. I didn’t get back to normal quickly, but I saw some changes, so my husband filled out the paperwork that was needed to get a medical marijuana ID card. Six weeks later, my husband and I were in the medical marijuana dispensary. He helped me walk in the first time I visited, but after another visit, I was walking in on my own. The pharmacist at the dispensary helped me to find the perfect marijuana product to get me back on my feet. After all, the goal of getting medical marijuana was to get me back on my feet, literally. The medical marijuana did just that. I still use a cane to get around, but I can stand straight without a lot of pain, and I am driving a car again.
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