Most people are not aware that cannabis was legalized in various venues.

Most of this is due to the senior citizens and the university potheads that mobilize well enough to make legalization pass. Many of the seniors in this area did this within a year or more than one of making this choice however young people still are adamant to legalize. They post lots of blogs plus host many concerts to have fundraisers. Unfortunately they don’t vote. Last election senior citizens were voting in record numbers throughout the election. Collectively, both of us decided that both of us wanted access to Legal cannabis and then both of us got that. The same hippies from the 1960s were still smoking cannabis as much as they did before. Many of these people were voting entirely conservative for finance reasons but problems love cannabis would swing in the different direction. Every one of us have a medical marijuana card that was issued by the state. We can walk into a cannabis dispensary plus by all of the amounts that are the legal limit. It would be nice if the limits were easily higher, however I easily understand that the government does not want people to have a huge amount of bulk marijuana in the house. It’s perfectly fine to get multiple grams of Purple Haze because there is a dispensary on every corner plus I can go back to the very next day. It seems that many of the senior citizens would vote for access to medical cannabis if they would legalize recreational marijuana as well.



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