Technically my state is a medical weed only state.

That means you need a special cannabis card and doctor’s prescription in order to access marijuana.

You have to have a serious issue like chronic pain, depression, PTSD, seizures, etc. I don’t have any of those and shouldn’t be able to get cannabis in my area. Well I live right near a Seneca Nation Indian Reservation. They don’t really follow the same laws that everyone else does. Their casinos aren’t taxed and they get money from the state on the regular. One thing they also get is leniency with the law. So in the last few years more and more cannabis dispensaries are popping up on the reservation. They technically aren’t legally allowed to sell recreational cannabis. I guarantee the dispensary owners aren’t even above board selling legal medical weed either. It doesn’t seem to matter though. I now can access recreational cannabis even though it is not in my state. I just drive down to the reservation and pick up what I want. There are a range of dispensaries. There is one that is more like a gas station. It is a tiny convenience store set up where I can just grab and go. There is a bigger dispensary that seems clear and neater. I typically go there when I want to grab my tincture or edible. My parents keep thinking our state is now recreational weed legal. I have to keep reminding them that it isn’t true. We are just a wild area that operates by our own laws.



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