I was very surprised by a yummy and flavorful Blue Dream concentrate that I purchased from the marijuana dispensary near me.

I don’t usually purchase marijuana from the dispensary near me, because the place next to my job has great prices and lots of savings and specials.

The dispensary near me always has something on sale and they have low prices. I stopped at the other dispensary, because it was close to my girlfriend’s house. When we were on our way home from a date, we stopped at the cannabis shop and that’s where I picked up the blue dreamer want to concentrate. Blue Dream is a sativa marijuana strain that is made with blueberry and haze. The sativa strain always makes me feel uplifted, creative, and energetic. I’ve had lots of different Blue Dream concentrates, but this particular one was easily the most flavorful that I can remember having in a long time. I could taste lots of different terpenes like linalool, pinene, and limonene. I went back to the next day to see if they still had any more of the blue dreams sativa marijuana strain. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any more in the same brand that I had purchased the previous night. I didn’t want to try something different, because I knew the flavor and taste was not going to be anywhere as nice as the one that I had the previous day. Sometimes you just get a product that really tastes great and hits every single flavor note. I won’t forget about that strain for a while.



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