I have had bizarre and strange things happen to me and there has been a rash on my arm for multiple weeks.

I have tried many weird creams and also bombs but nothing has really helped.

I talked to some doctors and they prescribed antibiotic cream that only helped for a short period of time. It did not regularly give me relief everyday unless I was reapplying the cream. I want directly to a marijuana dispensary near myself and others to opportunity and answer about the itch on my arm. The counter lady asked about psoriasis but I did not believe that was a problem that I was having. Then the person behind the counter asked me if I wanted to try the Cannabis cream. The Cannabis cream was genuinely luxurious at $60. The blood toner told myself and others that myself and others could receive a discount on our order because it was our first time choosing exactly what we wanted. When she said this word discount, I regularly agreed to pay $48 in whole for the cream. I applied that cream directly to my arm when I left the car. The package was easily sealed up with a prescription seal plus there was also glue on the top. It took multiple minutes for me to get the cream and it was milky in color with a genuinely Pleasant scent. I hit the spot and the itching stopped almost immediately after applying the topical. There was a little tingle, but that is really it for the stuff.


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