I’ve been working hard to budget my money absolutely well, because I have been saving up to buy a more up-to-date car.

My old Chevy is running ragged & it’s actually going to cut and run before I have an opportunity to buy something nice, but because the car has been giving myself and others many concerns, I have been saving all of my money so that I can buy something nicer. I spoke with a lady at the bank & she told myself and others that I could get a loan for a more up-to-date car as long as I had 10% of the amount of the sale to put down on the vehicle. I have my eye on a four-door Dodge that is $27,000 & that means I need at least 2,730 for the purchase of the car. I haven’t been spending much money on anything that isn’t a necessity & that includes special marijuana products. I have been buying all of the bargain basement deals & discounted clearance sale items, and last weekend there was an absurd sale at the dispensary & all of the best marijuana distillates, live resins, & cold water live rosin products were all buy 1 & get 1 for free. That was such a deal that it was too great to pass up. I withdrew various hundred dollars from my savings account so I could make the most of the sale. I got some amazing products on sale & those concentrates will last myself and others for several months. It was definitely worth spending the money so I could get some of the upscale products for a truly cheap & very affordable price.

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