When I was in the basement a couple of days ago, I heard a strange sound coming from the furnace.

It’s getting close to the time when we have to tune up the system, so I told my wife to call the furnace repair and replacement company to make an appointment for a tune-up.

I knew they would be able to troubleshoot the strange sound once they had the machine apart. Unfortunately, the first available appointment isn’t until next tuesday. Every day it sounds like that noise from the furnace is getting louder and louder. It does not seem like the noises are affecting the performance of the furnace. The house is still warm and the machine does not seem to be running more frequently or shutting on and off. Everyday it is getting colder outside and that is an indication that the holidays are right around the corner too. I haven’t even started any of my Christmas shopping. I have a list of people that I want to buy presents for, but I haven’t even begun to tackle the list. I’m probably going to need to spend the entire weekend before Christmas shopping. My sister is going to come for a visit and she will be here a couple of days before the holidays. I think it could be fun for we to go to the mall together like we did when we were kids. We could get some Chinese food from the food court and walk around the mall like we did when we were 17.



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