My girlfriend and I went to the city for the weekend.

We drove into town on Friday after we were done with work.

We stayed in a hotel by the water. The hotel is a really nice place with room service and a view of the bay. While my girlfriend and I were in the hotel, I lost the keys to my apartment. The keys to my apartment are on a separate key ring, because I just moved into the place. I had the two keys on a special key ring and I had them in my pants pocket in the hotel. The next day when I went to look for the keys, they were nowhere to be found. I looked all over the hotel room, but I could not find them anywhere. I called the front desk and I asked if anyone turned in a set of keys. Unfortunately, no one turned them in. My girlfriend told me not to be stressed out, because it would be very easy to replace the keys and the lock to the apartment. I was still anxious and worried the whole time that we were in the city. We got a call a couple of days after we returned. I had the locks changed on my apartment, but the manager from the hotel called to say that he found my key ring. The set of keys had fallen inside of the wall HVAC unit. The next person in the room used the wall HVAC unit and it was making a very strange, rattling sound. When the maintenance guy took the HVAC unit apart, he found my set of house keys in the bottom.

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