My friends and also myself went to a baseball game that did not start until almost 4:00.

Both of us decided to go to a bar for a couple of hours before the game started.

That’s when we began to start drinking. Both of us had a few beers because both of us did not want to be completely drunk when we made it to the game. Both of us had nachos with beans, beef, moderate chili, and also jalapenos. Both of us had a shared plate of Texas fries that had bacon and also cheese. I felt awful and I was completely stuffed when Jack and I left the bar. Jack had a marijuana joint in his car and he said we should smoke it on our way back to the baseball venue. She said that this marijuana joint would easily make myself and others think better. I didn’t believe that was true but I didn’t think it was going to hurt either. The beef, bacon, and hot jalapenos we’re still sitting in my stomach and that feeling was not going to go away. I was in the parking lot at the venue and the two of us smoked the whole marijuana joint. The marijuana joint was a strain that is called Girl Scout cookies. The marijuana strain was genuinely flavorful and also smooth. It had a very nice calming earthy smell. Both of us were actually pretty high after smoking the entire marijuana joint. I barely remember much of the first half of the game but the last part was an important blowout.