The holidays are right around the corner and everywhere you look, There are sales on clothing, toys, gadgets, and gizmos.

Black Friday shopping was an absolute mess and disaster.

There was no parking at the mall and I almost got into an accident at the superstore. I went home early instead of trying to get everything on my list while I was out. I’ve been looking at all of the sales flyers since the Black Friday. One place that always has a great deals when the holidays are around the corner is the marijuana dispensary. The marijuana dispensary near me has some of the cheapest prices on marijuana concentrates and flower. The place offers great deals and savings and they also give away lots of free stuff during the holidays. When I visited the shop last week, I got a great deal on marijuana concentrates. One of my favorite brands was buy one and get one for $1. The $1 product did not have to be a demo. Usually the demo product is always the same thing. I had the ability to buy one and get one for $1 on any of the products in that particular group of marijuana concentrates. I chose two sativas. One was called grape jelly and the other one was called Blue dream. I also chose two indicas called papaya and wedding cake. I got a great deal and saved a ton of money. Usually those products would cost at least $40 each but I only paid $20 thanks to the buy one and get one for $1 marijuana sale.


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